Currently used methods for silicon nanopowder compounds synthesis are high energy consuming, include multistage reactions, are complex as well as require expensive equipment.
Adiabatic NanoTechnologies has developed a method for adiabatic compression of monosilane that can be used for production of nanoscale silicon compounds (n-Si, n-SiC, n-SiO2, n-SiN) of high purity and extremely low dispersion for various energy, electronics, medical and other applications


The synthesis of nanoscale compounds is demonstrated at experimental installation and has proved that nanopowders of silicon (n-Si) and silicon compounds (silica (n-SiO2), silicon carbides (n-SiC), silicon nitrides (n-SiN) of various structural modifications) can be produced efficiently and at mass scale. 

Adiabatic NanoTechnologies offers a novel technology for production of nanostructured materials, including, but no limited to silicon compounds (n-Si, n-SiC, n-SiO2, n-SiN) with high purity and extremely low dispersion.
The products have very high-standard properties such as: 
High purity (demonstrated 99.99%). Purity depends only on the purity of precursors;
High monodispersity - less than 5% of particles deviate from defined diameter;
Unique specific area of 1000 – 1500 м2/g;
Different structural modifications (nanopowders with crystalline, amorphous and thread-like structure can be produced).
Technology benefits:
Uniformity of proceeding processes;
Low Energy Consumption;
The nanoscale silicon compounds have a wide range of applications, e.g. (not exhaustive list):
Electronics (transistors, diodes, rectifiers, etc.);
Semiconductor industries (materials for LEDs, laser diodes, high-temperature semiconductors);
Energy applications (batteries with extended capacity, solar panels with higher efficiency);
Medical applications (e.g., biocompatibility with body tissues and rapid evacuation from a body allows to use nanosilicon as a photosensitizer in cancer therapy of cancer, as a coating for implants and medical equipment);
Fireproof textiles.
The company is looking for industrial partners interested in implementation of the technology as well as with expertise in development of nanopowder applications in various fields. The ultimate objectives are to create an industrial scale production, test the nanopowder properties and to develop nanopowder applications in various fields.