Adia Nanotech

Adiabatic NanoTechnologies is a technology company that shortens and simplifies process of new types of nanomaterials and nanocompounds production as well as production of known nanomaterials with controlled properties. Providing it's clients with full solution, from producing material in small batches for tests to licensing method for production on a mass scale.


Adiabatic NanoTechnologies has developed a novel method of adiabatic compression of gaseous precursors for mass production of nanoscale materials and compounds of high purity and low dispersion for various energy, electronics, medical and other applications.


The method allows to control a variety of parameters and produce materials and compounds with high-standard properties such as:


  • High purity (demonstrated 99.99%). Purity depends only on the purity of precursors;
  • 95% monodispersity - less than 5% of particles deviate from defined diameter;
  • Unique specific area up to 1500 м2/g;
  • Different structural modifications (nanopowders with crystalline, amorphous and
    thread-like structure can be produced).

New Materials:

The technology allows to create wide range of nanomaterials, including completely new.

Our R&D successfully encapsulated Silicon Carbide in Graphene (n-SiC@Graphene).

Other produced materials include (but no limited to): n-Si, n-SiC, n-SiO2, n-SiN.

Technology benefits:

  • Uniformity of proceeding processes
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Scalability



The company is seeking industrial partners interested in production of nanomaterials, offering licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance for implementation of the technology in industry as well as other collaboration opportunities.